Monday, October 21, 2013

Morning Walk

My body was achy and tired this morning. I had a double treatment last week and this was the after effect from the drugs. I was able to go for a walk. It was a crisp morning, leaves fallen along the path. I watched my steps, feeling my feet inside my boots and the sun warming my pants.

Thoughts grabbed for my attention, but as soon as I recognized it, I released them and went back to the simple act of my body walking. I felt the contrast from the cold shady areas and the sunlit ones. It felt as though the light was a physical force pressing against my clothing and skin. The stiffness and achy feeling began to melt away. 

A simple act, walking, but when I got home, I had a different emotional state. I felt refreshed and at peace. So I start my day. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rainy October morning

A rainy morning in mid October. I went for my walk when the rain stopped. I had music on as I walked and it kept my mind from drifting. All I could feel was my body moving, the pavement beneath my feet, the cool air, and the light brightening through the overcast. The autumn leaves picked up the light and were almost luminescent. It was quite beautiful. My day is unplanned. I am recovering from my treatment this week and all I want out of the day is to be.

I have good music on while I write and it is comfortable here in the basement. My mind is not wandering, I am not depressed, it feels good to be able to sit and write. The music is quiet, Anouar Brahem, I feel mellow. My body is still sore from my treatment, but in the background.

I have been reluctant to expose myself as I did before on my website. What possible purpose could it serve other than to get me writing again. I don't want the audience that I had before and should probably just work on it in private, but there is something about the act of publishing that makes the words seem more important. It also curbs the thoughts. Not a bad thing, to look for the silver lining. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Last week was spent on the coast of Maine