Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reality Check

Self portrait this morning. It has been interesting recently. I sustained a bite to my finger trying to save my choking dog, Bella. Nearly severed my index finger trying to clear her airway. The biggest concern was infection. With my totally compromised immune system, this bite was life threatening. I have survived with good care and immediate attention and so did my dog.

It did bring my current condition into absolute focus. I am not well. As the ER doc said, "you look better than you do on paper." Fortunately, he had five years doing hand surgery in Boston and was able to stitch everything back together. IV antibiotics and good follow up care has allowed me to keep the finger.

My physical issues have such a direct impact on my mental attitude that it is impossible to separate the two. I am again brought to the awareness that life is a fragile thing. I am grateful for the time I have.

I wish we all could be present for our lives. Watch your thoughts and lead them back to now.

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